Information Request

If you are interested in airboats for search and rescue operations, please fill in the applicable information below and we will forward information to you quickly.

What type of water do you work on?

Maximum wave height?

Do you have to run on dry ground to reach some areas?

Will you be on Ice, Snow and Water?

Will you use this boat for a Dive platform for recovery?

Will you use search dogs aboard the boat?

How many people do you run in a boat team?

What type of gear will you want to store on your boat?

What distances in miles do you think your longest run may be?

Please add anything that you think may help us to design your S/R boat so that it

will do everything that you need.

Contact Name:
Contact Department:
Contact Rank:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone:
Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Type of information requested?:
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