Alumitech AGI Hull Design

Our hull design affords a 5-person crew seating capacity, while providing maximum equipment storage capability.

The enclosed hull/walk around deck provides a stable work platform for divers, as well as, a secure patient treatment area. The boat’s total carrying capacity is 8-10 adults or a 3,200 total pound load capacity.

Included in the hull’s design are watertight storage compartments adequate for the storage of thermal imaging cameras, AED/Defibrillators and other electronic equipment.

The 8ft. wide hull gives the boat excellent stability so it is no problem for two of the crew to be hoisting the victim over the side and into the boat to safety.


The aluminum hull covered with polymer is almost indestructible so it can withstand the extreme abuse of the breaking of the ice and then easily gliding over the ice and snow back to the awaiting ground crews

The AGI-SR hull has proven itself to perform better than hoped for. It is a revelation in the search and rescue work for those who risk their lives to save others.

Those of us that serve in this field know that when the call for help comes in we rely on our training and equipment to do our chosen job and get us back home to our loved ones. So go with the best and safest boat for one of the most dangerous jobs.

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