The standard Alumitech Search and Rescue airboat is an 18 L x 8 W foot aluminum hull airboat specifically designed for search and rescue operations. Built from our standard AGI A-model, the search and rescue airboat has been beefed up for winter and prolong ice operation with half-inch polymer covering the hull bottom and sides and increased hull framing.
The search and rescue airboat is powered by a GM 496 cu. in., 8.1 liter, 525 hp, fuel injection engine, capable of running on 87 octane unleaded fuel, a 2.3:1 ratio long-belt gear reduction drive unit and a 4-blade Sensenich composite propeller.
Our hull design affords a 5-person crew seating capacity, while providing maximum equipment storage capability.

The enclosed hull/walk around deck provides a stable work platform for divers, as well as, a secure patient treatment area. The boat’s total carrying capacity is 8-10 adults or a 3,200 total pound load capacity.

Included in the hull’s design are watertight storage compartments adequate for the storage of thermal imaging cameras, AED/Defibrillators and other electronic equipment.

The search and rescue airboat is equipped with a full illumination package that features dual 600,000 candlepower remote control search lights, running lights, scene floodlights and red strobe emergency warning lights, all powered off the vessel’s 130 amp alternator. In addition, the SAR airboat is equipped with a 1,000 watt generator, for prolonged night rescue operations.


  • Counter-Rotating Propellers provide increased linear thrust, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced noise
  • Boats/Vessels for Many Uses in sizes from 11' to 30' Length and 6' to 15' Width
  • Commercial/Agency Boats in Virtually any Seating/Power Configuration
  • Rescue/Support Boats Available with a wide Variety of Emergency Equipment
  • Alumitech Boats are currently used by Many Enforcement and Public Service Agencies
  • Airboats are ideal for Ice Rescue
  • Shallow or Dry launch capabilities give access to otherwise unreachable areas

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