Ron Miller is a Search and Rescue expert and works closely with Police and Fire Departments as well as municipalities and private organizations in the Search and Rescue field. With over 35 years of experience and a fire officer 3 training level, he helps organizations and municipalities with both rescue operations and equipment management.

Alumitech, Inc., established in 1984, finds its roots reaching way back to a company in 1962 called American International Airboats, followed shortly later by sister company Air Gator in 1964. Several key employees later became the basis for Alumitech, Inc. carrying knowledge, designs, and the Air Gator name to the new company that would become the standard by which all airboats and manufacturers would be judged.

The hull designs pioneered by Air Gator are still available as Alumitech models and the Air Gator name now adorns the flagship model known as the AGI (Air Gator Incorporated).

Through the years to follow, Alumitech would build it's reputation as a quality manufacturer with a variety of projects and contracts ranging from top-quality private boats to large quantities of craft.

Other projects include manufacturing for FMC Technologies' Airline Equipment Division in Orlando, Florida. These projects require attention to detail and quality consciousness as FMC's products meet ISO 9000 specifications. A long relationship with FMC (13 years) shows the ability and quality needed to keep customers coming back for years.

Florida's Marine Patrol · Fresh Water Fish Commission · Department of Environmental Protection · Law Enforcement Agencies

Over the years, Alumitech's quality has helped them build a customer base that speaks for itself as many customers would become repeat customers, purchasing many more subsequent boats for personal and commercial uses alike.

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