Search and Rescue expert Ron Miller brings you Search and Rescue Airboats. As northern representative of Alumitech Airboats, Ron's expertise in SAR operations combines with Alumitech's quality airboats to bring you the best SAR watercraft for superior performance in cold and icy rescue conditions.

Alumitech, Inc. has a long-standing reputation of quality, performance, and reliability. Our company's commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none in the airboat industry. Products and services range from complete custom private and commercial boats to all varieties of airboat and marine accessories and a wide selection of fabricated and manufactured goods. Our production capabilities are only limited by your imagination and we welcome all opportunities to bid on your ideas.

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Police - Fire - Rescue - Coast Guard

Commercial - Government - Municipalities - Personal

Use your airboat for:

Ventilation on large fires | Dispersing of toxic gases

Swift Water Rescue | Flood Rescue & Evacuation | Dive Platform

Access to swampy or boggy areas | Medivacs to off-road areas

Use the best hull design for the worst conditions so you can get the job done and back home safe. The modified AGI hull was designed by search and rescue expert Ron Miller to handle the rough choppy waters and the winter ice and snow conditions in the north country. This hull not only turns and handles better on the rough water but when breaking ice it turns remarkably well so you can easily execute your rescue operation. The time for a conventional ice rescue using ice rescue suits and ropes averages 40 to 60 minutes. The same rescue can be performed in 7 to 12 minutes with the use of an airboat. With the payload of a 16ft. X 8ft. airboat at close to 2,000. Lbs and the 18ft. X 8ft. close to 3,000. lbs, you can also remove several victims at once if the situation calls for multiple extractions.

The 8ft. wide hull gives the boat excellent stability so it is no problem for two of the crew to be hoisting the victim over the side and into the boat to safety.

The aluminum hull covered with polymer is almost indestructible so it can withstand the extreme abuse of the breaking of the ice and then easily gliding over the ice and snow back to the awaiting ground crews

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